The London commute through a people watchers eyes

I’m a big fan of people watching, and for me, the best time to do this is when commuting into London on a busy train, packed like sardines with other commuters who are just as pleased as I am at 7am. Yes, even at 7am the train is ridiculously busy!
You get so many different people from what I imagine are on completely different walks of life. Although, I have noticed a trend of types of people on the train.


Most people remain absolutely silent with music in, completely engrossed on their phones – pretty much like I am when writing this. Which makes me wonder, what is keeping them entertained to pass the time? Are they just looking at their phone to make it look like they are doing something? Listening to an interesting podcast relating to the job they are travelling to? Or maybe researching the latest fashion tips, self development or just scrolling through facebook and twitter!


I find that there is always someone reading the newspaper or doing a crossword to pass the time – so old school but I love it!


There is always that ‘group’ of people among the crowd who will chat the whole journey. Everyone else is absolutely silent and can hear their conversation half way down the carriage but they still continue to gossip about “John and Lisa having marital problems…” However I must admit, it is entertaining!

Harry Potter queue

Arriving at Kings Cross station and rushing off the train so I do not get trampled by the stampede of people and passing the massive queue for Platform 9 3/4. I am very aware that there is a massive Harry Potter craze but the queue to take a selfie by the wall is constant – no matter what time it is!

Crowds of people in the center

Without fail, there will always be a crowd of people standing in the center of Kings Cross station waiting for the platform of each train to be announced. As soon as it appears on the screen, everyone darts in opposite directions!

Running for the tube

Everyone is always in a rush in London. I guess it’s because people are on their way to work, but if people are not trying to dodge past one another, they are sprinting towards a tube. Now I have a fear of getting stuck in a tube door, so I stroll along and if I miss the tube so what? There will be another one in a minute! But that’s just me ๐Ÿ™‚

So if you live outside of London and are thinking about changing your job and travel in via train, at least you now have a heads up of what the commute is like ๐Ÿ™‚

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Beautiful places to visitย 

There are some incredible places in the world that some might never get the chance to experience. I feel so lucky to have begun my journey to visit as many different places as I can and here are some of the beautiful places I have been to so far…



2 weeks spent in Dubai just wasn’t enough! There is so much to do and so many places to visit from shopping in Dubai mall to quad biking in the desert, skydiving to brunch. Here are some of the beautiful photographs taken on my trip.

Dubai marinaย 

  • Dubai Mall is a must! Go shopping in the extravigant mall where you see the locals and tourists spending their money. There is so many shops to browse including a Versace home store which was incredible! Lots of places to eat and a walk through aquarium! Outside you will see the gorgeous fountain shows that run every 15-30 minutes I believe which is spectacular! Also, if you’re a fan of cars, check out the entrance and you are guaranteed to see an expensive car brand!
  • Next to the Dubai Mall is the Burj Kalifa, the tallest building in the world! You can stand by the fountains and appriciate the view or if you are feeling brave, you can go to the 124th floor and be in absolute awe of the breathtaking views!!
  • Madinat Jumeirah reminds me of a castle, a five star resort located right next to the Burj al Arab. There are a range of beautiful restaurants as well as the traditional souk shopping stands


Amsterdam was not what I had expected. I’d heard more of the tales of the red light district and had a completely different impression.

It is such a beautiful, peaceful, picturesque city. The locals are very friendly (unless they almost knock you over on their bikes) there is plenty to do and see. Vondelpark is absolutely stunning, and near there was a beautiful lake with the iamsterdam sign (near the Van Gogh museum).

The Anne frank house was really good – very sad and it really hits you that your standing in her home and it was very interesting to learn.

The red light district was crazy, a lot of different things going on as you can imagine! But it was so interesting even just people watching!

My favourite place to eat and drink was the grasshopper which was based right on the square, which was perfect as we were in the middle of everything!

St Lucia

St Lucia was an absolutely gorgeous destination and would highly recommend anyone to visit. If you are looking for beauty and pure relaxation this is the place for you!

The diamond waterfall and zip lining was a lovely day trip, to hike through the Forrest and the views afterwards were sensational. It is a tiny country so the drive from one side of the other is something like 14 miles long so you could easily access anywhere quickly.

We also went whale and dolphin watching, we did not spot any whales but the dolphins couldn’t help but put on a display it was wonderful and definitely worth it.

La soufriere the ‘drive in’ volcano which allowed you to get close up to it! Afterwards, you can bathe in the sulphur springs which is meant to be great for the skin – it was definitely an experience!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was just another world. Everything was just bigger and better than you could even imagine. We stayed in the Luxor hotel which was an Egyptian pyramid but all the hotels had themes, from Paris, Excalibur castle to New York New York it was an amazing experience.

We went to hakkassan which was this massive nightclub inside the MGM grand hotel which was absolutely insane. The water parties at Wet Republic were my favourite where everyone is just enjoying the music whilst drinking the yards of strawberry daiquiris!

The bellagio hotel fountains were a spectacular show – very similar to those in Dubai. The Venetian hotel had the gondolas inside the hotel which make you feel like your in Venice!

Great variety of shopping centres – it is America after all! And the cheap all you can eat buffets had us full for days!!

Le Royal Meridien Hotel – Dubai


As I have shared previously, I have recently been on holiday to Dubai (have I mentioned this enough times?๐Ÿ™Š) and wanted to share my first experience with you.

What a beautiful, beautiful country! Filled with so much to do that I could not do it all in 10 days! Which does make the excuse to go back again real soon!

The hotel was absolutely stunning. It was having work done to it when we were there meaning that a whole block of hotel rooms were unavailable. There was background noise of the work but that did not bother us and did not seem to bother anyone else. It is located on the Jumerah Beach Residance full of shops, banks, supermarkets, a long strip of beach and restaurants.

The decor in the hotel was absolutely stunning. Beautiful, modern reception and the brasserie restaurant was so pretty.

Our room was fantastic – we had a bed with a tv in the wall in front of us, to the right you had a large window (with automatic blinds) that sees into the bathroom so that when you are in the bath you can see the tv! You could control the lights and the signs on the doors next to the bed. There were gorgeous sofas and beautiful art. Everything about this hotel oozes class and luxury.

The staff were fantastic. Couldn’t do enough for you. When you walk towards the pool they grab your towels before you even have to ask and lay them on the sunbed of your choice. They then come around with cold, lavender scented flannels to cool off, then a while later come with cold spray and then a little after that they bring a shot of a ‘slush’ drink to cool you down.

Nothing is too much for the staff at the Le Royal Meridien, always genuine and want to help. After a few days, the staff tend to remember you and tend to pick up where you left off with previous conversations or questions you had. They always politely say ‘hello’ ‘good morning how are you?’ When you make eye contact with them which for me makes such a difference.

There is a free shuttle bus to the Emerates Mall (that has a ski slope!!) which saves you some cash getting a taxi and also a free shuttle bus to the sister hotel The Grovenor House which has the gorgeous Buddha Bar club and is right on the Marina which has plenty of bars and restaurants – even a Nandos!

We didn’t visit the other restaurants in the hotel other than the brasserie as we went out for lunch and dinner but there are a selection of restaurants including a sports bar. I’m also kicking myself that we did not brunch! I blame my partner for this which gives me the excuse to come back again as I hear it is absolutely amazing!

The restaurant we did visit was the brasserie – one big massive Buffett. Anything you can possibly think of from sushi to Nutella and vanilla crepes; they had it! Honestly, hands down the nicest buffet I have ever had. And the selection of desserts… Just WOW! Cheesecake, macaroons, Oreos, chocolate fudge cake, cupcakes, cheese boards, crem brule. Again, you name it, they had it!๐Ÿ˜

There are 3 different pools although one of the pools were closed. Both pools that I did visit were amazing. Especially the pool with the pool bar. Again, staff were amazing and waited on us all day. The beach is literally on your doorstep with beautiful clear sea and a beautiful view of the skyline – very very picturesque! It was best at sunset where the sun sets over the sea with a beautiful pink sky.

Honestly guys, if you visit Dubai I would recommend staying here. The location is in the middle of everything, the beach is breathtaking, the hotel itself is absolutely beautiful and the staff are outstanding and genuine. What else could you want?