5 fashion struggles when you’re 5 foot tall

Ok, so I lied, I’m 4 foot 11 (and ¾!!). In addition to the daily struggles of being vertically challenged in everyday life, there are some fashion struggles too which I’m sure you petite girls can relate to!

  • Petite clothes are still too big
    It’s great that most stores now do clothing suitable for petite girls, amazing in fact! Most websites say ‘fits 5’3 and under’ which again is great but in all honestly only really fits women at 5’3. I still have to fold my jeans a little. Even though petite clothing is better, they can still be too big!
  • You don’t actually know what size you are
    One store you may be a size 10, the next you could be a size 6 – who knows! The arms may be too long on a top or the body may be too long on a playsuit – it’s all a suprise really!
  • Staying on trend can be tricky
    You may be able to just get away with wearing a tight fitted pencil skirt but any other midi skirt ends up being an ankle tapping funny looking tent. Culottes look too long and do not glide like it would on a fashion model. And of course, every maxi dress or palazzo pants need to be taken up to prevent them dragging on the floor behind you as you walk…
  • LOVING at item that doesn’t suit you
    Seeing that beautiful dress on ASOS that looks amazing on the model and on any other tall person but just knowing it will be too long and it does not exist in the petite section.
  • Modelling can be tough
    Modelling is most girls fantasy at some point in their lives. There’s just an attraction of glamour and the idea of the exciting lifestyle. But if you’re tiny, fashion modelling is a no go. Petite modelling is very niche anyway but 5’6 is classed as petite. You could go into commercial modelling but most modelling agencies do not want a one trick pony, they want the full package – unless you’re famous or have a following of course. There’s still hope!

Although there are struggles there are some wonderful factors to being on the petite side such as getting away with fitting into teen clothing! And as they always say, good things come in small packages!

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Household tips for Baking Soda

Another household product that has many purposes other than what it is known for. Baking soda, also known has Bicarbonate of soda can be used for cleaning, personal care and for removing odors.

All these have been tried and tested by myself and I use these techniques weekly!

Exfoliating your skin

Once a week, I exfoliate my skin with bicarbonate of soda. This removes any bacteria from your skin giving you a fresh, clean feeling. Before using soap, simply exfoliate wet skin and rinse off.

Natural teeth whitener

Adding to your toothpaste can not only freshen your mouth but has been known to be a natural teeth whitener. If you look at the ingredients in most of the teeth whitening toothpastes, baking soda is usually included.

Treating irritated skin

Treat irritated skin by adding a small amount to wet skin and gently massage into the skin.

Remove body odor

If you do a lot of exercise or over-perspire in warm conditions, sometimes washing under your arms doesn’t do the trick, leaving an unpleasant odor. By rubbing bicarbonate of soda under your arms before washing, this removes the build up of bacteria and odor.

Healthy Hair

When washing your hair, add to shampoo for amazing results. Bicarbonate of soda removes the build up of product and residue in your hair leaving you with visibly cleaner hair.

Washing dishes

Add a table spoon to warm water and allow your dishes to soak for 10 minutes. Wash with washing up liquid as normal.

Remove odor from fridge

When I went on holiday my fridge freezer broke, melting all the food inside. As you can imagine, when returning 2 weeks later the odor was absolutely foul! After cleaning the fridge, I could not get rid of the strong smell. It was so bad that I could not have fresh food because the food would smell bad!!

I was told to put bicarbonate of soda in a cup and leave in the fridge within 2 days, the smell had reduced significantly! I’ve recently had a new fridge freezer and continue to do this to keep it smelling fresh 🙂

Removing limescale

Living in London means that we are unfortunate enough to have limescale left on cutlery and our sink. Every Saturday, I clean the sink with warm water and scrub with bicarbonate of soda, which lifts the limescale and leaves my cutlery and sink shiny!

Cleaning the floor

Add two spoonfuls to your mop and bucket water to lift tough dirt and grime on your floor!

Remove bin odor

If your inside or outside bin is smelling worse than usual, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda directly in the bin. This will absorb the odor!

Remove drain odor

Noticing the trend? Bicarbonate of soda removes pretty much any odor! Tip a little down the sink and turn the hot water tap on to clear the pipes.

Use as a dehumidifier

Rather than buying a dehumidifier, why not put a cup of bicarbonate of soda in the damp area? This absorbs the humidified air reducing the appearance of damp.


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Summer sandals 

With summer just around the corner I’ve purchased my first pair of sandals for the year!

They are super comfy and are absolutely gorgeous. My only worry is getting them dirty as their faux suede material. 

ASOS £26.50 in the sale 
Roll on summer!

River Island Payday must haves!

During the week running up to payday only one thought crosses my mind; “what am I going to buy?” Priorities! 🙈  but I’m sure I am not alone with this.

I’m feeling River Island at the moment and i have a list of clothes I want to buy ready for the Autumn/Winter season..









Faux Suede Pencil Skirt – £28
Ribbed Midi Skirt – £22

Wrap blouse bodysuit – £26









Black ‘wild spirit’ Bardot top – £22
Knitted open twist back top – £26

Cream Pom Pom beanie – £13

Nude patent boots – £75

If it shimmers or sparkles, we love it!

I have so much love for sparkles and glitter! Anything sparkly and I need it in my life. Here are my sparkle must haves!!

Little mistress (or Asos) £68

Shimmery hold top from Zara £17.99

Asos £30

Steve Madden £80

Chi chi London £35

Nyx face and body glitter primer £8

Glitter Hip Flask, Asos £10

Lost ink Rhyme, Asos SALE £26.50

LIPSY, Asos SALE £35.50

Boohoo Women’s Clothing

I have a new love for clothing from Boohoo.com

I have always been wary of online clothing companies (other than Asos) as you never know what you are getting so have avoided.

I saw some clothes online for holiday and when they came they were absolutely beaut!

Evie Wrap detail plunge slinky midi dress 

This dress is so flattering! As it is a wrap front it does not cling to your stomach but clings to your booty making it look bigger (which I definitely need🙈).

This dress was only £20 and comes in black, khaki, olive, red and raspberry. Still showing as in stock on the website!

I wore this with a pair of black caged heels from primark! I do love a bargain!🙊

Aurelia metallic pleat Maxi skirt

This skirt arrived and it was ridiculously long (I am only 5 foot 1) so I had to have it taken up but this really is gorgeous and quite different to the standard maxi skirts I have seen in the high street stores.

This was only £20 and the nude (the one I have) is still in stock online. I matched this with the below:

Petite Rosie plait detail neck bodysuit

This is lovely and only £14! Another very flattering item, good quality and this is also available in nude and grey online

Really keen to see what other lovely outfits I can put together from boohoo! It’s great to get good quality clothing for a great price – meaning you can buy more outfits!!