Beauty Blossoms 10 easy Beauty Tips


Major tip: make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Adding foundation to your neck to try to blend not only discolors your face and neck from the rest of your body but takes to much time and effort – and your foundation will run out quicker – nobody likes that!

If you want a darker tone for an event or night out, apply fake tan and then a darker foundation to match.

Thick, fluffy eyebrows

Want eyebrows like Cara Delevingne? This tip may help! Wet a clear bar of soap (I use ‘pears’ soap from Tesco) rub a spoolie or eyebrow brush on the soap and brush the soap through your eyebrows, spiking them upwards. Leave overnight and then wash the soap off in the morning. Repeat every evening and eyebrows appear thicker over time.

ALWAYS use primer

There is such a difference when using primer on your skin before foundation. For me, this allows me to easily blend and correct any patches I have missed early in the morning. This also protects your skin from breakouts. Allow your skin 5 minutes to absorb the primer before applying foundation.

Use the correct brushes

This is something that I have learned along the way. Different brushes have different purposes. If you want that beautiful blend you need to use a blending brush – simple and obvious right? Always know what type of brush you are using and do your research on how to use them.

I saw Anastasia Beverley Hills tutorial on Instagram where she said to use a different brush when applying eye shadow above the crease of your eye and use circular motions – if Ana says it, i’m doing it! 🙂

Do not use your fingers

It is my pet hate when I see someone rubbing their make up with their fingers. The pressure from your fingers smears the make up into your pores, making them stand out.

Use matte base on eyelids

When applying eyes shadow, you need a base. Most people use a shimmery eye shadow but this can make your eyes look really puffy. The whole purpose of adding shine is to make it stand out, like highlighting your cheekbones or brow bone. Whereas adding a matte colour base or concealer will create depth.

Get the perfect eyeliner

Getting the perfect winged eyeliner is a profession in itself! But finally there is a logical hack! Add sellotape to the corners of each eye, roughly 6cm long and slightly tilted upwards and then apply the liner. This prevents uneven sides and reduces mistakes!

Turn eyeliner/brow pencil into gel

Simply hold a lighter to the tip of the pencil for literally two seconds and then leave it cool for 20 seconds and apply once cool enough for a gel look!

Do your brows first

There’s debate on what to apply first. After testing different ways of applying make up (believe me, there are a lot!) I found that the following order is best:

  • applying the pencil or gel to your eyebrows first
  • adding concealer to touch up above and underneath the brows
  • add concealer to the eyelids
  • Add eye shadow
  • Then eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Apply foundation
  • Then concealer under the eye (underneath the bottom eye shadow)
  • Powder to concealer
  • Contour
  • Highlight
  • Translucent powder
  • Lip liner and lipstick 

Of course, every person is different! Personally, when applying eye shadow mistakes can be made and excess powder can spill under the eyes, therefore you do not waste make up by removing then re-applying foundation etc.

Do not put concealer too close to the eyes

If you have noticed, there are creases under your eyes, adding concealer will sink into these creases making them appear deeper than what they actually are. Apply concealer roughly an inch below the bottom of your eye instead.




Household tips for Baking Soda

Another household product that has many purposes other than what it is known for. Baking soda, also known has Bicarbonate of soda can be used for cleaning, personal care and for removing odors.

All these have been tried and tested by myself and I use these techniques weekly!

Exfoliating your skin

Once a week, I exfoliate my skin with bicarbonate of soda. This removes any bacteria from your skin giving you a fresh, clean feeling. Before using soap, simply exfoliate wet skin and rinse off.

Natural teeth whitener

Adding to your toothpaste can not only freshen your mouth but has been known to be a natural teeth whitener. If you look at the ingredients in most of the teeth whitening toothpastes, baking soda is usually included.

Treating irritated skin

Treat irritated skin by adding a small amount to wet skin and gently massage into the skin.

Remove body odor

If you do a lot of exercise or over-perspire in warm conditions, sometimes washing under your arms doesn’t do the trick, leaving an unpleasant odor. By rubbing bicarbonate of soda under your arms before washing, this removes the build up of bacteria and odor.

Healthy Hair

When washing your hair, add to shampoo for amazing results. Bicarbonate of soda removes the build up of product and residue in your hair leaving you with visibly cleaner hair.

Washing dishes

Add a table spoon to warm water and allow your dishes to soak for 10 minutes. Wash with washing up liquid as normal.

Remove odor from fridge

When I went on holiday my fridge freezer broke, melting all the food inside. As you can imagine, when returning 2 weeks later the odor was absolutely foul! After cleaning the fridge, I could not get rid of the strong smell. It was so bad that I could not have fresh food because the food would smell bad!!

I was told to put bicarbonate of soda in a cup and leave in the fridge within 2 days, the smell had reduced significantly! I’ve recently had a new fridge freezer and continue to do this to keep it smelling fresh 🙂

Removing limescale

Living in London means that we are unfortunate enough to have limescale left on cutlery and our sink. Every Saturday, I clean the sink with warm water and scrub with bicarbonate of soda, which lifts the limescale and leaves my cutlery and sink shiny!

Cleaning the floor

Add two spoonfuls to your mop and bucket water to lift tough dirt and grime on your floor!

Remove bin odor

If your inside or outside bin is smelling worse than usual, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda directly in the bin. This will absorb the odor!

Remove drain odor

Noticing the trend? Bicarbonate of soda removes pretty much any odor! Tip a little down the sink and turn the hot water tap on to clear the pipes.

Use as a dehumidifier

Rather than buying a dehumidifier, why not put a cup of bicarbonate of soda in the damp area? This absorbs the humidified air reducing the appearance of damp.


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Oh so nude…

I am so into nude lipsticks at the moment. I love the dramatic eyes and subtle lips look therefore I am always carrying one of my MAC favourites. 
Can you tell which is the newest?😂 from left to right:

Kinda Sexy, Honey Love, Yash, Pure Zen and Velvet Teddy. 

13 ways to use coconut oil

Coconut oil seems to be the latest craze in the fitness and beauty world. But there is so much more you can use coconut oil for. I use it religiously for the following:

1. Make up remover

After a long day of being awesome, I rub coconut oil into my hands and rub onto my face then, wipe off using a cotton wool pad. The warmth of your hands melt the oil. The best part – you know there is no added chemicals to harm your skin. It’s a win win. 

2. Healthy popcorn topping

When I go to the movies or generally fancy popcorn I use coconut oil as a healthy alternative to salt and butter! It tastes delicious 😍

3. Keeping eggs fresh

I cannot remember for the life of me where I read this, but it works! Simply spread the coconut oil on the outer shell and it adds a couple of extra days freshness! Don’t leave it too long, though. 

4. Cooking oil

Never will I ever use another cooking oil. Not only does it add extra flavour to your food but it’s the healthier option – just do not use too much that it becomes unhealthy. Coconut oil is only healthy in doses, like fruit! 

5. Moisturiser 

I use this as a night moisturiser and apply every night before bed. It initially feels greasy but in the morning once it has absorbed into the skin, you feel fabulous. 

6. Lock in moisture after showering

If you have dry skin anywhere on your body, I would reccomend using after having a shower. Simply pat your body dry with a towel and then add to the dry area, allow time for the skin to absorb and then continue with your day. I found this helped reduce the appearance of eczema on my arms. 

7. Eyelash growth

I’ve been putting coconut oil on my eyelashes before bed every night for the past month now (I’m pretty much a pot of coconut oil at night time!!) i haven’t yet seen the benefit of my eyelashes growing, however they feel thicker which is definitely a start!

    8. Cellulite reduction

    As you may have seen in one of my previous blog posts, I have previously had cellulite on my thighs and bottom. I now use coconut oil to maintain cellulite reduction which seems to be working perfectly. Please see my blog post Cellulite blaster to see how I reduced cellulite and for before and after pictures. 

      9. Massage Oil

      Sometimes a massage is just what you need to take the stresses of life away. Why not get your beau to massage you with coconut oil? It smells amaaaazing and does the same job as normal massage oil whilst moisturising!

        10. Nail maintenance 

        I wear acrylic nails and this can leave my nails really thin and dry. I’ve started using coconut oil on my cuticles and on top of my nails and I find my cuticles and the skin around my nails are so much healthier!! 

          11. Reducing stretch marks

          Rubbing coconut oil on the affected areas have been known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It heals the damaged tissue and helps to rebuild. Give it a try ☺ 

          12. Anti frizz hair solution

          I have ridiculously frizzy hair and the only product I have found to help tame it (other than hair straighteners!) is coconut oil!

          After drying your hair, add a small amount to the middle and ends of your hair and leave overnight then style the next day. Only do this after washing to prevent your hair going greasy too quickly! 

          13. Hair serum

          You can also use this as a hair serum to give your hair that extra shine. Simply add to ends of your hair after styling. 

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          Cruelty free make up – product review

          When visiting my new favourite place in the world – Dubai I was able to visit one of my favourite shops – Sephora 😍
          Absolutely love the brands and atmosphere in that shop!

          Being very compassionate to all living beings nothing makes me more upset than to think of the brutality of animal testing – all for our vanity and for profit. Is this really needed to make our cosmetics great?

          I decided to bin all of my make up products that are tested on animals and purchase new make up that are cruelty free and to see if there is any difference in the products that are not tested on animals.

          I have done my research and have found the below guide from

          PETA cruelty free database: 

          Kat Von D Foundation
          I remember buying Kat Von D tattoo cover up foundation a few years ago in America and it was the best foundation I have ever had. So when I saw the lock-it foundation I thought I would give it a try.

          It goes on so smooth and gives a full coverage. After putting this foundation on, a friend told me that my skin looked flawless and another told me I was having a ‘pretty day’. This foundation is quite thick to give the full coverage so I would advise that once you put on your skin to make sure it is blended right away to prevent any patches! Overall i would give this a 8.5 out of 10 – I would say it is much better than the Estée Lauder double wear and MAC.

          Kat Von D – Black Magick lip liner duo

          Stunning colour. Not as shown on the box it is a lot lighter which is a little misleading.. But the colour is gorgeous which makes up for it.

          Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dip Brow Pomade

          I have always used the powder which smudges off in the rain. This product is great! Being as I tried this in the Dubai heat and when rubbing my brow when my skin was extra oily it did not wipe off or smudge. This is also super easy to apply!

          Anastasia Beverly Hills – Concealer

          I used to use the MAC concealer which I used to find oily and smudged off my skin quite easily.

          When I tried Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer (bearing in mind I tried it in Dubai at high, humid temperatures) and it stayed on my skin, it felt smooth to touch instead of oily. I really like this concealer and will continue to use. 10 out of 10 ✌🏼️

          NYX Skinny Mascara

          I bought this off ASOS before going on my holiday. I didn’t really realise how thin the brush actually was until I opened it. But actually, it’s really good. Still, I prefer a thick brush for my eyelashes as I tend to spend a lot of time applying mascara for a full and thick effect. But I will use this for the bottom lashes, as because it’s a skinny brush, it is easier to apply to the bottom lashes without getting it on your skin. Every cloud eh? ☺️

          NYX Setting Spray

          To be honest, I rarely use setting spray unless I am going on a night out. When spraying, it felt so refreshing other than that I didn’t really feel any different I’m afraid.

          I am keen to explore more NYX products as I have heared really good things about it. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear more.

          Cruelty free is the way forward! MAC used to be my preferred brand as it was the popular brand and was favourited by many women and MUA’s. After trying these cruelty free products it shows make up can be just as good (if not better) and reasonable priced. And more importantly, no poor animals were harmed in the process. If it is possible for many brands to not test, why shouldn’t every brand be made to do the same? #bananimaltesting

          Thanks for reading 💗

          Blast cellulite in 4 easy steps

          I noticed I had cellulite on my thighs and bottom which is something I have never had before. I am a big believer in body confidence but for me, this was something I wanted to try and reduce. I did my research and decided to give it ago. Here are the results in under 3 months:


          11th June 2016


          29th August 2016

          Want to see how I got these fast results? Keep reading!

          1. Squats

          Every morning, the second I woke up I would do 3 sets of 10 deep squats and then do the same in the evening before bed.
          Doing squats tightens up the affected areas and builds muscle, when building muscle you lose body fat (hence why this reduces the appearance of cellulite) I mean, you never see a fitness model with cellulite right?

          2. Brush your skin

          Every day before and after a shower, I would use this body brush in circular movements. This increases your blood circulation which evens the distribution of fat pockets and improves muscle tone which reduces the appearance of cellulite. You can buy the body brush from boots, super drug, the body shop of Amazon. Prices vary depending on size – mine is a small one from the body shop which cost £8.
          3. Firming Cream

          After brushing my skin, I would apply ‘Get Waisted’ to my thighs and bottom. This cream smells so fresh and minty and you can feel it on your skin too! After just one week my skin felt tighter and soft to touch – I would highly recommend this product. People also reviewed that this product works well on the tummy too!☺️

          Mama Mio ‘Get Waisted’ body shaper cream, £35,

          4. Healthy Diet

          And finally, a balanced diet is a must.

          – Replace refined sugar with food that contains natural sugars (such as honey and fruit)

          – Actually eat breakfast

          – Switch to wholemeal products (bread, pasta, rice, wraps)

          – Eat more green veggies

          – If you are a vegetarian (like me) try switching the processed Quorn products to fresh vegetables, quinoa, eggs or nuts.

          If you put the work into it with the above steps you will see fast results!