13 ways to use coconut oil

Coconut oil seems to be the latest craze in the fitness and beauty world. But there is so much more you can use coconut oil for. I use it religiously for the following:

1. Make up remover

After a long day of being awesome, I rub coconut oil into my hands and rub onto my face then, wipe off using a cotton wool pad. The warmth of your hands melt the oil. The best part – you know there is no added chemicals to harm your skin. It’s a win win. 

2. Healthy popcorn topping

When I go to the movies or generally fancy popcorn I use coconut oil as a healthy alternative to salt and butter! It tastes delicious 😍

3. Keeping eggs fresh

I cannot remember for the life of me where I read this, but it works! Simply spread the coconut oil on the outer shell and it adds a couple of extra days freshness! Don’t leave it too long, though. 

4. Cooking oil

Never will I ever use another cooking oil. Not only does it add extra flavour to your food but it’s the healthier option – just do not use too much that it becomes unhealthy. Coconut oil is only healthy in doses, like fruit! 

5. Moisturiser 

I use this as a night moisturiser and apply every night before bed. It initially feels greasy but in the morning once it has absorbed into the skin, you feel fabulous. 

6. Lock in moisture after showering

If you have dry skin anywhere on your body, I would reccomend using after having a shower. Simply pat your body dry with a towel and then add to the dry area, allow time for the skin to absorb and then continue with your day. I found this helped reduce the appearance of eczema on my arms. 

7. Eyelash growth

I’ve been putting coconut oil on my eyelashes before bed every night for the past month now (I’m pretty much a pot of coconut oil at night time!!) i haven’t yet seen the benefit of my eyelashes growing, however they feel thicker which is definitely a start!

    8. Cellulite reduction

    As you may have seen in one of my previous blog posts, I have previously had cellulite on my thighs and bottom. I now use coconut oil to maintain cellulite reduction which seems to be working perfectly. Please see my blog post Cellulite blaster to see how I reduced cellulite and for before and after pictures. 

      9. Massage Oil

      Sometimes a massage is just what you need to take the stresses of life away. Why not get your beau to massage you with coconut oil? It smells amaaaazing and does the same job as normal massage oil whilst moisturising!

        10. Nail maintenance 

        I wear acrylic nails and this can leave my nails really thin and dry. I’ve started using coconut oil on my cuticles and on top of my nails and I find my cuticles and the skin around my nails are so much healthier!! 

          11. Reducing stretch marks

          Rubbing coconut oil on the affected areas have been known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It heals the damaged tissue and helps to rebuild. Give it a try ☺ 

          12. Anti frizz hair solution

          I have ridiculously frizzy hair and the only product I have found to help tame it (other than hair straighteners!) is coconut oil!

          After drying your hair, add a small amount to the middle and ends of your hair and leave overnight then style the next day. Only do this after washing to prevent your hair going greasy too quickly! 

          13. Hair serum

          You can also use this as a hair serum to give your hair that extra shine. Simply add to ends of your hair after styling. 

          I hope you liked this blog post, please check out similar posts and more Visit BeautyBlossom blog and spread the word ☺


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